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Auto Body Repair in Ottawa and Gatineau

At Auto Cité, we take pride in pointing frustrated drivers to a place of ease and calmness when they get their vehicle back after being in an auto collision. Whether you’re looking for auto body repair in Gatineau or car dent repair in Ottawa, Auto Cité can help. 


So you’ve been in a collision. Whether you were at fault or not, there’s nothing more stressful or overwhelming than the aftermath of a crash.

Imagine getting your vehicle back after the most stressful week of your life and finally knowing that everything is going to be just fine. Your vehicle has virtually no reminder of the collision — it looks like new and you feel like a million bucks. Not to mention, Auto Cité documented all of their work, pictures and dollars spent to make the insurance claim a piece of cake. 


Don’t let your collision be harder than it has to be. Let Auto Cité help you take a load off.

Our Services

Let’s face it: a collision can result in several different imperfections and flaws in your vehicle. As a collision repair shop, Auto Cité has to broaden our horizons and stay diligent with our services. 

We provide a full range of in-house services to ensure that we can help all of our customers after they’ve been through an unfortunate collision. Due to this, we have stayed meticulous and learned from the best to provide some of the best car body repairs in Ottawa.


Auto Body Repair

We are fully-staffed with trained auto body repair technicians that are capable and excited to take on any caliber of the job. Whether you’ve had a minor or major collision, our team can handle the repairs necessary to complete the repair. 


When you bring your vehicle in to us, we will begin by documenting the damage and taking thorough images for insurance purposes. This will also allow us to diagnose the issues and provide an excellent baseline to start planning our direction of repair.  


Our team is incredibly confident in our services and our ability to provide exceptional repair on collision vehicles. In fact, we offer a lifetime guarantee.



Painting a vehicle after a collision is no light task, but it is a service that we are proud to offer. Our paint jobs always begin with an extensive preparation stage, where we carefully prep the surface of your vehicle and tape the windshield and headlights. This prep is meticulous and tedious, but it allows for a flawless application that won’t crack or peel. 


We then use an innovative paint technology that will enable us to create a seamless colour match with your existing paint colour. From there, we use modern techniques and technology to coat the paint in ‘like new’ condition’. 


We will finish by sealing off the paint to strengthen the coat and keep it protected. By the time the colour is completed, you won’t know which paint is original and which paint is new.


Scratch and Dent Repair

Scratches and dents are no joke when it comes to a vehicle. Not only are they complete eyesores, but they also devalue your vehicle quickly. 


Sometimes dents can occur from forgetting to put your car into park and slightly rolling into a barricade, or perhaps from a hail storm that got a little too furious with your new vehicle. Regardless, we can help. 


We caution our customer’s against trying to DIY scratches and dents. Unfortunately, if not done professionally, these “tiny” cosmetic flaws can quickly become more significant issues if not tackled properly. Our specialists will use the appropriate tools to address the scratches and dents promptly and efficiently.


Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repairs are often more inexpensive than other autobody collision fixes. Using paintless dent repairs, you can improve the value and the curb appeal of your vehicle in a short amount of time. This procedure is best used for minor blemishes such as hail damage and those dings to your car’s exterior.

Why Auto Cité?

Specialize in Collision

Not all mechanic shops actually specialize in collision. Whereas other collision shops are back-alley shops that claim they can fix your vehicle, they may actually do a half-shot job and expect a full paycheck. We have taken the time to fully educate ourselves and train our staff while implementing the most innovative technology and the newest techniques. 


It’s our commitment to provide one-of-a-kind services in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. If you have been in an auto collision, you deserve peace of mind knowing that your stresses are over — and we can provide that for you.

Paint on Point

Don’t consent to sloppy paint jobs. We have seen way too many people paint over existing paint and leave an eyesore for the whole world to see. 


That’s exactly why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art paint-matching technology, to provide a seamless transition from existing paint to new paint. After all, the whole point of collision mechanics is to make the vehicle look like new.

Premium Service

At Auto Cité, we are committed to making sure that every car rolls out looking 100 times better than it looked when it rolled in. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, and that only happens with premium products and service — which is what we deliver.

Book Now

Have you been in a collision? Don’t sleep on your vehicle problems. Let Auto Cité help get your car into pre-collision shape as soon as possible. 


Trust in our team to document, diagnose and recreate your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Call or email our shop at 819-246-4646 or email us at

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