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Auto Detailing in Ottawa

Auto Cité provides an Ottawa car detailing service that will have your car interior looking brand new again. Our technicians get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle to make sure that no sprinkle, no crumb and no twig goes unnoticed. By the time you get your vehicle back, you’ll open the door and be greeted with that new car smell that you deserve.

Is there anything better than buying a new vehicle and experiencing that pristine interior? As soon as you open your car door, you’re overcome with that brilliant new car scent and shiny dash. The entire experience is euphoric — however, it doesn’t seem to last long.

Before you know it, your vehicle is a mess. Your dogs have jumped into the back seat with messy paws after a play date at the dog park. Or maybe your toddler was begging for a donut when you went through the drive-thru for your morning coffee. All of this only adds to the natural wear and tear from the dust settling from the open sunroof on a hot summer day — and the fact that life happens in your vehicle. 

We get it — it’s nearly impossible to keep it spotless and you shouldn’t have to. Which is exactly why we offer car detailing in downtown Ottawa.

What We Do



Let’s face it. We aren’t all cut out for the full meal deal — at least not at this point in time. Depending on the season and the condition of your vehicle, we may recommend a certain package to get the best results for your vehicle. 


If the interior of your vehicle is in pretty good shape, then we may recommend a full exterior detailing to get that “like new” shine back. Or, if your kids love their french fries in the car seat, then that might take priority over the exterior for now. Regardless, we can provide an assessment to determine the best course of action for you and your family. 


An assessment is the best first step to your car detailing experience. It sets realistic expectations, determines a course of action and gets the ball rolling for the fun stuff. 


If you have any questions for our team, feel free to ask us. We are passionate about our job and happy to help in any way we can.


Exterior Detailing

So, you think you’re cut out for an exterior detailing package? This is no joke. An exterior detailing puts a wand wash to shame — seriously, we leave no stone unturned during this process.

We begin by pre-washing your vehicle to carefully remove any debris prior to the heavy-duty clean and using a foam bath to remove further dirt. We pay close detail to wash away contaminants that risk scratching your topcoat. We also use a professional pH-balanced soap that protects your paint before we remove any set-in debris.

As we continue on, we use a special process called “iron decontamination,” which removes harmful iron particles from your paint before we use a clay bar to remove sticky tar and oil on the body of the vehicle.

We then use a premium gloss on the tires to have them shine like new for an extended amount of time, before proceeding with a comprehensive engine bay rinse before using a premium wax to protect the vehicle. Voila.


Interior Detailing

No stone goes unturned with our interior detailing package. With this package, we begin with a standard sweep and garbage removal of the vehicle. This is a quick process that sets the vehicle up for a deep clean. We then begin to vacuum the carpet and mats and perform a full wipe of the dash and doors. 


Once all of the surface level debris has been cleared, we will thoroughly steam clean the panels, consoles, vents, vinyl surfaces, plastic surfaces, cup holders, carpets, mats, upholstery, etc. We use professional-grade, disinfecting cleaning solutions throughout the process to kill any bacteria that may be living deep within the fabric. We will wipe down leather surfaces and condition them to keep them soft. 


Once all of the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, conditioned and disinfected, we will use interior glass cleaner on the glass surfaces to enhance visibility while driving. We also clean out the trunk and steam the pedals to loosen and remove the gunk that has built up over time. 


At the end of our interior detailing session, your vehicle will look as though it has just been made by the manufacturer.


Combo Detailing

Are you looking for the full meal deal? Consider our complete exterior and interior detailing package. This includes all of the incredible services of both detailing packages available, so you can live a life of luxury in the comfort of your own vehicle.


How long does car detailing take?

Are tips expected?

Depending on the package you choose, the size and the condition of your vehicle, car detailing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Regardless, your car won’t have to stay with us overnight, and it’s a relatively quick and easy service. We are happy to work with you and book a time that fits with your schedule.

Our technicians appreciate tips. However, they are not necessary and definitely not expected. The prices we give you are inclusive.

Book Now

Are you looking to book your vehicle in for any of our services? Whether you need your vehicle painted, maintained, tinted, detailed or otherwise, our team is happy and excited to serve you. We will keep track of your vehicle, make, model, and diagnosis using electronic filing. 


To book, call us at 819-246-4646 or email us at

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